Defence Measures

After the defeat of France in June 1940, the south coast of England was on the frontline of a potential German invasion.

Brighton’s beaches closed in early July. Barbed wire, barricades and other defence measures were erected across the whole of the seafront.

Beach Obstetricals Along the Seafront West of Palace Pier.
King's Road During the Later Part of the Second World War
Repairing the West Pier, 22 September 1945
Palace Pier Brighton, 7 April 1945
Connecting bridge to the 'Birdcage' bandstand on the King's Road covered in barbed wire
The view of the beach and West Pier during the Second World War
Sandbags to protect the front of Brighton Aquarium, 2 September 1939
Lewis machine gun at the Palace Pier in Brighton, c1940
Hove beach with anti-invasion beach obstacles
A bus negotiating a roadblock, 15 June 1940