Una Wilson

Memories of WW2 from Brighton resident Una Wilson.

Born in 1922, Una Wilson and her family moved to Woodingdean in 1931. Her father ran an exhibition of architectural models at the Royal Pavilion.

On leaving school, Una was invited by the Brighton Corporation to train and join a team of tractor drivers to clear areas of Brighton for agricultural use during the war and later they were incorporated into the Land Army. Una also volunteered as an ambulance driver. She lived in Woodingdean throughout the war and was very active in local drama at the Little Theatre.

Home Guard

Brighton Corporation

Land Army


Ambulance Driver

Bomb Attack



Tony Simmonds

Memories of wartime Brighton from Tony Simmonds, who grew up in the town.

Page from Tony’s WW2 diary

Born in 1929, Tony was living in Winchester with his family at the beginning of the war before moving to the Kemp Town area of Brighton in 1942. He attended Xaverian College in Brighton until leaving in 1944 to become a clerk at Lloyds Bank for the remaining years of the war.


Home Guard

Beach Defences

Air Raids at Home

Air Raids at School

Air Raids in Kemp Town

Invasion Precautions


War Bride


D Day

VE Night

Last Months of the War

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