After the War

Once the celebrations were over, it took time for life to return to normal.

The barricades and barbed wire took time to clear, and it would be several years before the food supply would return to normal.

Photo of pill box dismantlement
Defusing of a mine on Brighton beach c.1945
Construction of buildings on Rose Hill Terrace, Brighton 24th November 1945.
Palace Pier entrance in need of repair, 7 April 1945
German prisoners at work in Lower Bevendean Brighton, 13 October 1945
Winston Churchill Inspecting members of the Royal Sussex Regiment whilst in Brighton for the Conservative Party Conference, October 1947.
Royal Navy bomb disposal team with police removing a mine from the sea at Brighton beach c.1945
First bananas to arrive in Brighton after the Second World War
First delivery of bananas to Brighton after the Second World War
A corporal of the Royal Engineers clearing Brighton beach with a Detector, Mine, No3 (polish), on 25th February 1945.