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8 May 1945 was VE Day, the day on which the UK celebrated and reflected on the end of the six year long war in Europe.

75 years ago, people in Britain started rebuilding, reopening and remerging after the devastation of the Second World War. People came out into the streets together thankful for the start of a new road to peace.

VE Day street party in St Paul’s Street, Brighton

On the anniversary of VE Day we are unable to gather together in the same way. The Covid-19 crisis keeps us confined to our homes, separated from friends and family and trying to work out how we will rebuild our own worlds. We can mark this 75th anniversary of VE Day by reflecting back on the past, and also by celebrating the importance of friendship and peace.

Here you can find out more about Brighton and Hove on VE Day 1945 and during WW2. Or, if you are feeling creative or reflective, join the Drawing Group, make a friendship token for someone you are looking forward to seeing again soon, or write a journal entry about your life on the 75th anniversary of VE Day.